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Updating Information?

Question asked by tia leithead on Oct 3, 2017
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For several weeks now i have been using launchpad as a source of completing tests for one of the courses i am  taking at the University of Arizona. However, i had received an email from the instructor, notifying me that it seems I havent completed any of the assessments she assigns every week.  " the D2L gradebook indicates that you have not completed any of the pre-class assignments for the 181 lecture with Dr. Capaldi. If you have completed some of these assignments but your grades aren't showing up in D2L, it is likely that the information you entered when setting up your LaunchPad account was incorrect in some way (i.e. you listed a personal email account instead of your university email on LaunchPad). If this is the case, you will need to update your LaunchPad information and then contact Dr. Capaldi to let her know that you have updated your information if you haven't done so already." . If at all possible, HHow would i fix this problem? i went to my profile and my school email is listed.