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If you have completed an assignment for a LaunchPad course and you saved it but didn't submit it, would your work/last attempt still be seen by the person who is grading it when you can't see your work from your computer/laptop screen?

Question asked by Kenny Amekkor on Oct 6, 2017
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Good morning, everyone!


I am part of a online LaunchPad course ( as a Freshman at the CUNY City College of New York. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I did almost all of my work for "Homework 4 Nature and Nurture."


Around 6:00pm or 6:30pm yesterday evening, I actually completed "Homework 4 Nature and Nurture" before its due date at 11:59pm later in the day (midnight). I saved it, but I never went back to press "Submit". I realized this when I was in bed around 2 or 3am this morning. 


The instructions for that assignment say that my last/highest attempt would be counted as my score. However, I can't see my work and I'm worried that I did a lot of work for nothing.


That's why I asked if the person grading the homework (; will still see it on their end. Can anyone please help me?


I would greatly appreciate this. Have a great Columbus Day weekend!



Kenny Amekkor

PSY 10200 Section B (CUNY City College of New York)


It is my Google Chrome history from yesterday of me logging on to LaunchPad and attending to HW 4 questions. It serves as proof of completing all of the questions.