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If you have completed an assignment for a LaunchPad course and you saved it but didn't submit it, would your work/last attempt still be seen by the person who is grading it when you can't see your work from your computer/laptop screen?

Question asked by Kenny Amekkor on Oct 6, 2017

Good afternoon, everyone!


I am part of a online LaunchPad course ( as a Freshman at the CUNY City College of New York. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I did almost all of my work for "Homework 4 Nature and Nurture."


Around 6:00pm or 6:30pm yesterday evening, I actually completed "Homework 4 Nature and Nurture" before its due date at 11:59pm later in the day (midnight). I saved it, but I never went back to press "Submit". I realized this when I was in bed around 2 or 3am this morning. 


The instructions for that assignment say that my last/highest attempt would be counted as my score. However, I can't see my work and I'm worried that I did a lot of work for nothing.


That's why I asked if the person grading the homework (; will still see it on their end. Can anyone please help me?


Is there any way that you could go into LaunchPad's system and retrieve information or an image on my work? I believe that the technicians who handle LaunchPad can get this done. I'm very desperate to show my professor proof that I did the assignment. I'm not trying to get a low score for my Psychology class because of a mishap like this one.


Or is there a way that the technical support can HACK the LaunchPad system and see my saved work (I am not sure if that sounds right.)?


I would greatly appreciate anyone's assistance. Have a great Columbus Day weekend!



Kenny Amekkor

PSY 10200 Section B (CUNY City College of New York)