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How to manage integrations of copies from a lms course shell

Question asked by Chuck Gobin on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Lynette L

I've been using Writer's Help 2.0 and Launchpad for a while, so I'm pretty comfortable using it, and I understand how to create a Master course with branches. This question, however, has to do with best practices for managing course shells that I manage on our LMS (Brightspace). I'm hoping there is a solution to my dilemma. Background:

  1. I manage all of our sections of our freshman writing course (I'm a dept chair).
  2. I've designed the course we use, which resides on our LMS.
  3. I've also created/selected/assigned the Writer's Help content we use in the course.
  4. We have integrated Macmillan Learning tools with the LMS, so that we can pull Macmillan content directly into the course.

So, I have this LMS course shell (the Master course). I could associate this shell with the Launchpad/Writer's Help Master course and pull in the Macmillan content so that it is all ready to go. But what then happens when I copy that LMS Master course into individual course sections? Provided that all the Macmillan content copies correctly when I copy the shell, wouldn't that mean that all those sections (say 5) would be associated with the same Master Launchpad course? (which I don't really want if I can help it)

If, on the other hand, I create 5 branches of the Master Launchpad course, and I show my instructors how to dissociate their LMS course from the Master Launchpad course and re-associate it with their appropriate Launchpad branched course, will then clicking on the activities in the LMS automatically take them to the assigned content in their section and not to the Master course content?

I hope I have been a little clearer than mud in framing this, and I appreciate any help in understanding this better.