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Can I get an extension for my free trial?

Question asked by Cidnei Ocampo on Jan 16, 2018

Hi! I registered for a course on sapling and used the free trial option because there is supposed to be a book available in my school's bookstore which includes a sapling code with it, but it hasn't arrive yet. A sapling representative came in to our class just a few days before I registered and told us about a 14-day free trial as an available option while waiting for the books to arrive and that you guys would even give us an extension if the books are still not available on our bookstore. When I went on the sapling website to register, I only saw a 3-day free trial rather than a 14-day free trial, worried that I would miss an assignment (which was worth marks) in sapling, I registered for the 3-day free trial. Now I'm on my last day of the trial and the books are still not out. I was wondering if I could get an extension for my free trial?