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Login in question please help

Question asked by Zihan Liu on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Kasey R

Hi, I cannot access my course assignment through launchpad.  When I tried to login into the assignments, it said that my 'free' trial ended on Feb. 19 as I clicked on the 'request free trial', and I had no idea that I was using the free trial version.  Now I can't access my assignments.  Also when I tried to enter the access code that I bought from last semester, as I am using to access my course assignments from this semester up until now, it said A system error has occurred. Code: 'SystemError'; Message: 'No uses left'.  And, when I clicked on 'purchase access', it give me a message saying sorry, there was a problem processing your request.  Please try again.  I cannot click all three of them.  What should I do?  Please help.  I have also tried to contact the macmillan technical support number and they were saying 'sorry, your call could not be completed'.  Please help.