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URGENT - Chemistry 1302B Sapling 4 Deadline

Question asked by Emerson Weston on Feb 14, 2018

To whom it may concern,


I am emailing you in regards to the deadline of Sapling #4. In the course outline for 1302B, it states that all Sapling assignments are due at 9:00am of each Wednesday. 


I was relying on this due date time as I have had an extremely busy week with midterms, and this was the only time I could complete this Sapling. 


Whether it be a mistake by Sapling or the chemistry department, I believe this violates the outline of this course. I am aware that 7 of the 9 assignments require completion, however, I felt confident with this section and wanted it to be included as part of the 7 assignments. 


Based on the course outline, I feel as though I should be given an opportunity to complete this assignment within the stated due date time (9:00am).


I look forward to hearing back about how we can proceed.


Best regards,

Emerson Weston