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I need help getting access for these last two weeks of the semester.

Question asked by Jaycie Williams on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Jonathan K

Last week I spoke to someone about an extra extension for the free trial. It would make my second extension to give me time to discuss with my professor about speaking to someone through Macmillan about me having financial hardship and not being able to afford to pay out of pocket for the launchpad. The beginning of this semester I was able to use my financial aid for textbooks, however, my bookstore ran out of the launchpad and when they received more I was no longer able to use my financial aid which led to me to the choice of purchasing out of pocket which I cannot afford. As I’ve told the previous representatives I’ve talked to, I make minimum wage with 20 hours a week getting paid biweekly and I have bills and other necessities that I have to pay for in order to care for myself. I understand that I have been given two extensions, however, during those extensions I simply couldn’t come up with the money especially as it got closer to the end of the semester. As it is only two weeks left until finals, it doesn’t make sense to pay the full price for possibly only one day of usage. I couldn’t pay that much for a whole semester let alone a day. I really just need one day to finish out my quizzes for the rest of the semester that is all I’m asking. If I have to pay some for a day I can do so on Friday when I get paid, but I absolutely cannot afford to pay almost a $100 for the launchpad. If I do I will be sacrificing something else such as a bill or even food. As a business, I understand that this may not be acceptable, but I’m hoping that I can be sympathized with for my situation.