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Course Extensions

Question asked by Tiffany Otto on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Kasey R

Due to medical circumstances I was unable to complete the Spring Semester on time, instead my chemistry instructor extended my course thru August 31st to accommdate  for all my medical issues this semester. He said he contacted the sites for sapling learning and late nite labs and was told he would be unable to extend the due dates past the Spring Semester, because that was just the way it was, but given the circumstances and the fact that the course itself has been extended I would like to ask if it was at all possible to have this done so that I may finish my course utilizing all the resources and course material that was available to me in the Spring. 


I have all the medical documentation and Disability records from the college as well as a course extension contract.


I would really like the ability to do the labs and go over the hw from sapling to prepare for my exams and also to have a better understanding of fundamental chemistry before moving to Chem 151.

Please if there is anyway to make this possible, I would greatly appreciate it.