"Teaching About Psychopathology Implications of DSM 5 and Other Recent Advances" Featuring Matthew Nock

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Apr 13, 2015

    There have been exciting changes in the study of psychopathology in the past few years. In this talk, Matthew Nock will highlight some of the most important developments in this area, including:


    • recent advances in our understanding of the prevalence and treatment of mental disorders around the globe

    • changes that come with DSM-5

    • the introduction of NIH's "Research Domain Criteria" initiative (which will likely change the way we define mental disorders)

    • new methods of assessing psychopathology (e.g. use of the Implicit Association Test).


    This presentation will summarize advances in each of these areas and will offer suggestions on how this material could be incorporated into lectures and class discussions and assignments.