"DSM-5 Changes and Controversies Helpful, Problematic, or a Little Bit of Both?" Featuring Ronald Comer

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Apr 13, 2015

    Ronald Comer will discuss the various changes that will accompany the publication of DSM-5 next month, including:


              •  disorders with new names (e.g., "neurocognitive disorders")

              •  disorders that are new (e.g., "binge eating disorder")

              •  new diagnostic criteria

              •  combining several disorders into a single disorder (e.g., "autism spectrum disorder")

              •  expanding the boundaries of "addiction" and certain other terms

              •  disorders being considered for possible inclusion in a later DSM-5 revision (e.g., "nonsuicidal self-injury")


    Professor Comer will also discuss the leading controversies surrounding the DSM-5 changes and their possible impact on treatment and public perception.