"Teaching Psychology with an Evolutionary Perspective" Featuring David Bjorklund

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Apr 13, 2015

    A fundamental idea of modern psychology is that the body's machinery, which produces behavior and mental experiences, is a product of evolution by natural selection. An evolutionary perspective causes people to see human behavior and actions a bit differently, ask different questions, and can be applied to important real-world issues including education, close relationships, and psychopathology. Although evolutionary theory, particularly when applied to humans, remains controversial in some areas, it is not incompatible with the tenets of mainstream psychology. It does not imply genetic determinism nor suggest that humans are destined to be violent, racist, and sexist. Cooperation and sociability are as much evolved features of humanity as aggression and competition are. Nor does an evolutionary perspective minimize the role of culture. In fact, culture is seen as an evolved characteristic of Homo sapiens.


    In this webinar, David Bjorklund will:

    • Explain some of the core concepts of evolutionary thinking when applied to psychology.

    • Demonstrate how evolutionary thinking can be applied in the classroom.

    • Show how such an approach can foster a better understanding of the human condition.