"Memory: From the Laboratory to Everyday Life" Featuring Daniel Schacter

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Apr 13, 2015

    As a result of attending this one-hour webinar with Daniel Schacter, you will:


    • Become familiar with research that examines mind wandering during classroom and video-recorded lectures

    • Learn about studies that have attempted to use interpolated testing to enhance attention and memory during lectures

    • Become acquainted with research indicating that episodic memory - recollection of past experiences - is also important for imagining future experiences

    • Understand the rationale and data supporting the idea that an episodic specificity induction can be used to identify the contribution of episodic retrieval processes to tasks that are not strictly speaking "memory tasks," such as imagining future experiences

    • Learn about studies that use the episodic specificity induction to enhance means-end problem solving

    • Develop ideas about how to link laboratory studies and everyday memory