If you had to pick one book for a writing teacher to read, what would it be?

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Oct 16, 2015

    Reynolds: If I had to select only one book for a writing teacher to read, I think it would by Mina Shaughnessy's "Errors and Expectations."


    Sanchez: It might be "Errors and Expectations."


    Bizzell: Mina Shaughnessy's "Errors and Expectations" and Paulo Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed."


    Cushman: "Pedagogy of the Oppressed."


    Lunsford: bell hooks' "Teaching to Transgress."


    Powell: bell hooks' "Teaching to Transgress."


    Condon: Jay Robinson's book "Conversations on the Written Word."


    Tinberg: Ann Berthoff's "Forming, Thinking, Writing."


    Glenn: Erika Lindeman's "A Rhetoric For Writing Teachers."


    Lindemann: Victor Villanueva's "Cross-Talk."


    Adler-Kassner: Joe Harris's "A Teaching Subject."


    Ball: Geoff Sirc's "English Composition as a Happening," mostly because it's the best book that's ever been written.