If you had to select only one scholar for a writing teacher to read, who would it be?

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Oct 23, 2015

    Schilb: If I had to select only one scholar I think I would say Kenneth Burke.


    Reynolds: Pat Bizzell.


    Bizzell: Dave Bartholomae.


    D. McQuade: David Bartholomae.


    Tinberg: David Bartholomae.


    Sanchez: Susan Miller.


    Huot: Donald Murray.


    Lindemann: Andrea Lunsford.


    Glenn: Peter Elbow.


    Adler-Kassner: Peter Elbow.


    Condon: Peter Elbow, Ed White, or Nancy Sommers, or maybe all three of them together.  I think Peter and Ed have an interesting, have had an interesting career-long dialogue.  They were graduate students together at Harvard.  And both of them are, like me, are kind of dinosaurs.  We came into this with literature degrees and made the transition post-PhD.  And I think Nancy complements their work well because of all of the wonderful things she's done on revision.  She's really made us understand process in ways that I don't think anybody else does.