What have you learned from your students?

Video created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Oct 23, 2015

    Bartholomae: My students taught me to be patient, I suppose.  I mean, I learned, I've been teaching thirty-plus years now.  I've learned not to force the moments in class where things make their turn, and I've learned not to force any particular kid the turn that's going to make the revision that marks the next important step in his lesson.  I've learned to be pushy because things don't happen on their own, but I've also learned to be patient.


    Tinberg: I think what they have taught me is how to be a good listener.


    Lunsford: They have over the years taught me to shut up and listen to what they had to say.


    Condon: The importance of listening.


    D. McQuade: My students taught me to listen carefully.


    Royster: My students taught me that the classroom is not about me.


    Cushman: Humility.


    Palmquist: My students taught me to have fun.  After I got out of grad school, I didn't know what was fun anymore.  When I got back in the classroom, they taught me why I was there.


    Sommers: I think my students teach me the great joy of teaching writing.  They teach me how much fun it is to be in the classroom, and they teach me... they remind me why I chose the life of a writing teacher.  I'm very, really grateful.


    Lindemann: My students taught me how to respond to their writing.


    Adler-Kassner: They always know much more and have experienced much more than what I think.


    Rose: The extraordinary resilience and variability and majesty of the human mind.


    Matsuda: Every student is different.


    Huot: How the world that I live in is so different than the world that they live in.