"Returning the Joy to Research Methods" Presented by Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., Natalie J. Ciarocco, and David B. Strohmetz

Video created by Morgan Ratner Employee on Feb 23, 2016

    Has research methods become dreary for you to teach or for your students to take? If so, it is time to recapture the joy of methods and revitalize the most important course in the psychology curriculum.  In this interactive webinar, the authors share ideas, activities, and strategies we incorporated into our research methods course.  Our underlying philosophy is simple:  providing scaffolding as students actively do science is the best way to learn about science in a way that fundamentally changes students’ attitudes towards research and statistics (Ciarocco, Lewandowski, & Van Volkom, 2013).  If you’re looking for new activities, demonstrations, readings, group or lab activities, we will provide examples which you can easily implement in your methods courses, regardless of class size, so that this important course becomes exciting again for you and your students.