Making Relationship Choices - Choosing Between Friends

Video created by Catherine Burgess Employee on Mar 31, 2016

    In this "Making Relationship Choices" video from Reflect & Relate, students see "The Other Side" of the story.


    To use this video as a class activity, first ask your students to imagine their close friend Karina: a girl who has always been witty, bold and immaculately dressed with perfect hair, nails and makeup. She was your most supportive friend when your mom died from terminal cancer. Karina has just returned from two years in the Peace Corps: she has lost twenty pounds, wears no makeup and is unusually quiet. You and your other friends notice she has deeply changed. While she is more caring than ever before, she is serious all the time and opts out of socializing and going to parties. All of your other friends unanimously can't stand the "new" Karina, and one by one vote to cut her from your group. What do you do? Have your students consider chart a course of action, then watch Karina's "other side" of the story to reflect on their choices.


    Read the story for The Other Side: Karina's story: Making Relationship Choices and Choosing Between Friends