"Ready or Not: Supporting Underprepared Students in Psychology" featuring Deborah Licht and Misty Hull

Video created by Morgan Ratner Employee on Apr 4, 2016

    Do you ever feel that you’re not just teaching psychology, but also grammar, mathematics, reading, writing, and technology?  Many of today’s students are academically underprepared. Some feel simply overwhelmed—not only by their academic responsibilities but also by obligations outside of class. Most of these students want to succeed in their classes, and many seem surprised when they are failing and unable to explain why. How do you help these individuals?


    This workshop explores current trends in student preparedness and approaches offered by colleges and universities to address these issues (e.g., testing, developmental and remedial courses, college success classes, tutors, learning assistance centers). We also present methods to support students struggling in psychology classes because of reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics deficiencies. We discuss ways to engage students in the material, make content relevant to their lives, build relationships within the classroom, and support online learners.


    Learning Objectives:

    • Present methods to support students struggling with critical thinking, mathematics, and writing skills
    • Provide effective strategies for  identifying and helping students who may struggle because they are not prepared for college level discussions, reading, or writing.