Betty Boop for President

Video created by Sonya Tiratsuyan Employee on Jan 3, 2017

    This short film features a cartoon depiction of the impending 1932 presidential election where popular cartoon figure Betty Boop runs for office against “Mr. Nobody.” Both candidates state their platforms through a song and dance. In the end, Betty Boop outshines Mr. Nobody, with Betty Boop promising to “divide the dough” between those that have money and those that do not, and Mr. Nobody assuring to keep “taxes light.” This cartoon foreshadows some of the key political differences between the Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and incumbent Republican Herbert Hoover. Think about how this clip shows the perceptions of the 1932 election in popular culture and the widespread frustration with Hoover’s inability to counter America’s mounting social and economic problems.


    Questions for Students to Consider:

    What are the differences between the two candidates? Does this film support, implicitly or explicitly, the candidacy of either Roosevelt or Hoover?