Context Collapse Video with Questions

Video created by Sydney Browne on Nov 1, 2017

    Context collapse


    Watch the video below to see social information processing theory in action. To review this topic, go to the section, “Message Privacy and Control” in Chapter 2 of Real Communication: An Introduction by Dan O'Hair.


    After watching Context Collapse, have your students consider the questions below, either in an individual writing assignment or a group activity.

    1. How can you tell Olivia is experiencing context collapse?

    One possible answer might be that we can tell Olivia is experiencing context collapse because she starts to receive feedback on the photos she’s posted on social media from people in various contexts of her life: her grandmother and her kindergarten teacher, for example.

    2. If you were in Olivia’s situation, what would you do? Would you remove the photos to avoid context collapse? Would you change the privacy settings?

    Responses will vary.