Crowdsourcing Video with Questions

Video created by Sydney Browne on Nov 1, 2017



    Watch the video below to see social information processing theory in action. To review this topic, go to the section, “The Power of the Crowd” in Chapter 2 of Real Communication: An Introduction by Dan O'Hair.


    After watching the video, have your students consider the questions below, either in an individual writing assignment or a group activity.

    1. How do Cami and Jake crowdsource to help Ethan? In this situation, how is crowdsourcing an effective way to help?


    One possible answer might be that Cami and Jake help Ethan by contacting their social networks: Cami contacts her dance team, while Jake posts on Facebook. In this situation, crowdsourcing is effective because it reaches a large group of people who potentially have useful information for Ethan.

    2. What other ways could Cami, Jake and Ethan crowdsource to find a DJ?


    Responses will vary.