Phishing Video with Questions

Video created by Sydney Browne on Nov 1, 2017


    Watch the video below to see social information processing theory in action. To review this topic, go to the section, “Cyber Attacks” in Chapter 2 of Real Communication: An Introduction by Dan O'Hair.


    After watching the video, have your students consider the questions below, either in an individual writing assignment or a group activity.

    1. What about the email makes Sam and Chelsea believe it’s a phishing scam?

    One possible answer might be that Sam and Chelsea realize that the message does not contain the bank’s logo or company branding, it was not sent by an individual employee of the bank, and that it asks for a social security number, which seems unnecessary.

    2. If you were to receive a similar email, what would it have to look like for you to trust that it was not a phishing scam?

    Responses will vary.