Video Assignment: Social Capital

Video created by Sydney Browne on Nov 1, 2017

    Social Capital
    Watch the video below to see social information processing theory in action. To review this topic, go to the section, “Social Support” in Chapter 2 of Real Communication: An Introduction by Dan O'Hair.


    After watching the video, have your students consider the questions below, either as an individual writing assignment or a group activity.



    1. In Anita’s circumstance, how does her social capital help to lift her mood?


    One possible answer might be that Anita’s numerous connections on social media provide emotional support when she is upset about her dog’s death.


    2. At what point does Ben realize Anita’s level of social capital? How does social media create perceptions of social capital?


    One possible answer might be Ben realized Anita’s level of social capital when he sees the amount of likes she receives on her post in a short period of time, and when she tells him how many followers she has. Social media can create perceptions of social capital by quantifying it in the form of likes and followers; the greater the likes or followers, the greater the social capital.