Go React: Video Assessment in LaunchPad | Macmillan Mobile Video App Demo

Video created by Sonya Tiratsuyan Employee on Oct 17, 2018

    Are you ready to save time and provide more effective grading and feedback for your communication students? Heather Halter, a former public speaking instructor who supports and consults with communication professors to effectively use technology in their courses, presents Macmillan Learning’s new video assessment.


    When using our tools - developed via a partnership with GoReact -  you’ll be done recording and grading when the student’s speech is finished. Because the recording and feedback are all in one place, the assessment loop is complete in real time.


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    Table of Contents: 

    0:00- Intro

    2:12- How to use video assessment in your classroom

    19:50- How to record and post videos

    22:50- Q & A