Mats Selen Discusses Active Learning with iOLab

Video created by Sonya Tiratsuyan Employee on Oct 22, 2018

    iOLab is a revolutionary new hardware and software solution for your physics lab. It combines all the measurement devices needed for hundreds of physics labs in a single device and wirelessly links them to a software solution for gathering data and recording results. Able to go wherever you are, iOLab sets your physics lab free.


    In this webinar, Mats Selen puts iOLab through its paces and gives a great demonstration of the kinds of activities it can enable. A must watch for anybody considering changes to their STEM labs.


    Table of Contents:

    0:00- Intro

    2:55- Active learning with iOLab

    11:30- Research

    12:25- Product Usage

    16:30- Product Demo

    32:30- Key Takeaways

    33:16- Q & A