Tyler Dewitt - Gen Chem Videos and a preview of the new Macmillan Gen Chem partnership

Video created by Sonya Tiratsuyan Employee on Nov 5, 2018

    We have worked with YouTube sensation Tyler DeWitt to take Sapling to the next level. In this 25 minute session, Tyler explains his approach to building General Chemistry videos and explains how we have partnered with him to make Sapling a truly student centered and interactive experience.


    0:00- Introduction

    4:20- Montage of Whiteboard Clips

    8:00- Tyler's Background

    13:00- Teaching with YouTube

    17:40- Multimedia Learning Research

    18:16- Student Feedback

    19:43- Instructor Feedback

    20:22- Working with Publishers

    25:30- Embedded Videos

    28:20- Q&A