Bill Heslop at Learning Science on Smart Worksheets

Video created by Mara Natale on Oct 17, 2019

    Learning Scientist, Bill Heslop, shows how student-entered data worksheets could be the answer in your lab, providing students with immediate feedback on their own lab results and saving TAs a ton of time grading--that they can use helping students in lab instead.


    Table of Contents: 

    0:00 Intro

    0:38 How to use Go To Webinar 

    2:23 Bill Heslop Bio

    3:11 Smart Worksheets

    6:49 Benefits of Smart Worksheets

    8:15 Functionality

    12:02 Power of Feedback 

    13:26 Student Feedback

    14:51 Run Through 

    38:57 Q & A